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A man named Mark, met two guys in Florida. They were dirty, only in diapers and sitting on a pile of rubbish.I asked around and learned that around brothers aged seven months and two years, wrote “Little Things”. Their parents were homeless and lived in a tent in the forest.Ronnie and Crystal Stewart realized that children belong to a family that often eat meals in the soup kitchen that is part of their church.
Despite the fact that Ronnie and Crystal have three children, could not allow these two boys to stay out because a storm was coming. They asked parents to take children to an evening to dive into a warm home and feed. Then Crystal realized in much disrepair children. countless of them were visible bug bites, and when the legs literally dropped.
Next week Ronnie and Crystal went to Mass, when he approached the parents of the children. They put their question surprised them, and answer them changed your life at all.They asked whether their children would provide shelter, and their response was needed right away because the Center for Social Services threatened to take away their children.
They agreed, and with time have met all legal documents and procedures.

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